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A Bit of Background

This site is created to let all my friends know my family history on the island and the battle we're engaged in to keep our family home
We are looking for support if you believe the Toronto Island Trust should transfer the lease to Don Sampson 
This site will be updated as the battle goes on and more information is given to us

Little Fish

Family History

The Sampson family moved to 8 Omaha Ave in the summer of 1957

Orley William Sampson a decorated WW2 soldier from Toronto and his wife Dorothy Kathleen Sampson, an English war bride that lost her first husband a pilot for the Royal Air Force, bought the house from the Menzie family

The Sampsons  raised their 3 children Pat, Bruce and Don at 8 Omaha Ave

Orley and Dorothy moved off the island in 1976 leaving the house to Bruce and Don determined to keep it a family home

July 28th 1980 Bruce and Don stood at the bottom of the Algonquin bridge with a 100 fellow islanders to fend off the Sheriff from delivering eviction notices

1993 Bruce and Don signed a lease with the Trust as joint tenants

Bruce and Don applied for a loan from the TD bank but were rejected because of Don's bad credit even though he had his half of the money the bank would not lend to Bruce with his brother's name on the lease

Don signed his half of the lease to Bruce 

The two were pressured into doing this and told they would lose their home if they did not comply. Nor were they advised to get their own council regarding this crucial decision

Bruce and Don continued to occupy the home and both finance and contribute to many renovations to the home

Bruce passed away May 2017

Don who has 3 children Dustin, Will and Dylan still resides at the home



Turning Interest Into Action

Monday March 18 2019

I have filed a court application with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice

The court date is April 10 2019 at 10 am 

393 University Ave Toronto

It is open to the public

Hopefully this will be a quick decision

This has become a exspensive procedure please go to my fund me sight top right corner for support

Saturday January 12 2019

Finally a letter from the Trust lawyer reading they will hold off eviction procedure of my family home until Febuary 15 2019 to give me time to undertake a court application.

This will be an exspensive procedure for the Trust and me.


I will be asking all my friends and supporters to reach out to Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Steve Clark

We'll be asking him to open the island legislation 

Details on this coming soon

Friday January 11 2019

I had to install video surveillance around my family home because Ive had many unknowns walking around my residence 

Now I can notify Police of any activity.

Monday January 7 2019

Today would have been my mothers 77th birthday 

Mary Ormsby from the Toronto star phoned Sunday evening  to tell me they contacted a member of the Trust and told her I will not be evicted today.

Mary also asked what about Tuesday or the future.

The Trust could not answer this Question.

No one from the trust has contacted me.

I sit here now on pins and needles, stressed and tired.

We are still on full alert until we have something in writing from the Trust.

John Moore of Newstalk 1010 radio interviewed me for updates of eviction.

I had reached out to Canadian Press a company that my mother worked for 20 years and my brother for 40 years.

I did a phone interview with Michelle McQuigge from CP and had a Photographer Frank who knew my brother Bruce take photos of our home.

Frank and I had some nice stories to share about Bruce

Sunday JANUARY 6 2019

The Sampson family had a great turnout with friends and supporters 

Mark Grimes a counsler at Toronto city hall came to my home to discuss what we can do to end this.

We concluded the best action is to reach out to the Ontario Province regarding changes to be made in the legislature 

City TV, Global news and the Toronto star all came to interview our group

There was a lot of great open discussion among the supporters all of them thanking me for being the man to stand up for what we feel is right

We stood together around the house arm in arm with our SOS [save our sampsons] signs.

We organized phone numbers for quick response and talked about police protocol for when the Trust decides to forcibly enter my home.

THE TORONTO STAR newspaper January 3 2019 will publish some letters to the editor  regarding the great support from readers

The SAMPSON FAMILY is having a support gathering Sunday January 6 2019 1 PM 8 Omaha Ave

This is to get friends and supporters together before the big day

food and warm beverages will be served

All are welcome


The STANDOFF has begun




The eviction letter December 20 2018


DECEMBER 20 2018

Four days before Christmas the Trust has their lawyer e-mail a letter on thier decision of a meeting I had with the Trust in May 2018

I had not received any notice from the Trust of their decision until this letter was e-mailed to me by their lawyer Lewis and Collyer

The letter informs me that the Trust has not changed their decision to evict Don Sampson and put the home up for sale

The letter states that if the keys are not received on or before January 7 2019 the trust will forcibly enter and change the locks

Chattels will be disposed of

Meeting with trust May 2018

I had a meeting with the Trust May 2018 to plead my case to them verbally 

They had requested no lawyers be present but much to my surprise the Trust did have a lawyer present Jesse Rosensweet

To make sure I got all my points across to them I wrote out my speech

This is a copy word for word

I will start with a brief family history and my rights regarding my home at 8 Omaha Ave

Here are the facts:

The house house has been in my family for two generations

my brother Bruce died prematurely; it is clear that he intended that I should have the house;

I was on the original lease and the lack of a piece of paper declaring a related trust should not take away my right to the house.

I have independent witnesses who will give evidence that this was the intention

My parents bought our home at 8 Omaha avenue in the summer of 1957 and lived there full time until they retired and moved to the country in 1976. Determined to keep it a family home they gave the house to Bruce and me.

we have occupied it ever since.

In 1996, my brother Bruce and I signed a new lease with the Trust, as joint tenants, but since we did not have the money to pay for the lease , we applied for a loan from the TD BANK. Unfortunately our loan application was rejected because of my bad credit rating.

However,despite the fact that I found another lender for my half of the money required for the lease, the TD bank refused to lend Bruce his half as long as my name was on the lease. With no lawyer Iassigned my share to my brother so he could borrow the necessary funds.

We were pressured to do this and were told that we would lose our home if we did not comply. We had no lawyer nor were we advised by the Trust or their lawyer that we could or should retain our own counselregarding this crucial decision.

My brother always honoured my interest in our family home and i have always contributed financally and physically, providing both money and labour for maintenance and renovations, including  a major renovation to the interior of our house that started three years agoand continued up to the time of Bruce's death

due to cancer, on May 22 2017.

It was Bruce's intention, that i live in our beloved home and my goal is to continue living at 8 Omaha Ave for the remainder of my life and to leave our family home to my children. and be assured i will be in my house full-time unlike some invisible island homeowners who rent out their homes.

I've heard guarded comments about Questionable lease transfers, which i find disturbing, given the fact that i have to fight for the right to inherit and occupy my family home

There are also rumours that the trust has not always applied the terms of the legislation in a fair or equitable manner and that there are many instances of favouritism and bias, on the part of the Trust. I sincerely hope these rumours are false and just island gossip, but it would be most upsetting if they are proven to be true.

I know it would be a financial burdon to me and the community, but i will do whatever it takes to keep our family home. my roots are deep in the neighbourhood, and having been here for 60 years, i have many close island friends and alot of strong support

end of speech

I asked the Trust members if they had any questions and Lorraine Filyer answered with no we do not.

It seemed the Trust had already made their decision

I asked Amanda the she had my e-mail address and phone number incase they had any questions or concerns after 

Amanda nodded her head up and down

i assumed to be yes

I got up to leave and as I walked away Lorraine Filyer spoke up and said

Don we have to go by the legislation

I nodded and left 


Your support


The Sampsons are asking you to reach out to the trust to  give Don Sampson his lease

You can reach the Trust at                                                                                                                                                                                   (416-203-6163)

The Sampsons would like you to reach out the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing , Steve Clark and ask him to update the legislation

Partner with Us


The Sampson family is looking for your support by asking you to leave us a note that you feel the Trust should change their decision to evict the Sampson family from their family home

We understand that some leaseholders have been intimidated by the Trust to not speak out against them, so we have included my phone number so you can can call me confidentially to hear your support or concerns

Life Ring


8 Omaha Ave
Algonquin Island
Toronto, M5J 1Z6


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